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LED lights for electrical panels

Energy efficiency and visibility in electrical panels

FLL Series: LED lamps for electrical panels

Fandis LED electrical panel lamps have an adjustable light beam and flexible mounting (screw or magnetic). They are energy-efficient and low-power.

CLG-L series: LED lamps for many applications

The lights of this series combine the energy efficiency of the LED with the variety of range thanks to models with different length and luminous power.

Accessories for LED lights

What is needed to complete the offer and safely illuminate the electrical cabinet.

Advantages and features of LED lamps

More information

The advantages of LEDs

The long life of LEDs significantly reduces maintenance and lamp replacement costs. An LED system can last up to 100,000 hours, operating for 12 hours a day between 10 and 20 years. Compared to normal incandescent lamps (approx. 1,000 hours of operation) or fluorescent lamps (approx. 10,000 hours of operation), lamps with LED technology represent a significant technological leap forward. In addition, since LED lamps reduce energy consumption, with the same lighting capacity, the economic factors of efficiency and maintenance savings also contribute to making this technology the ideal solution for lighting electrical panels.

Energy-efficient LED lamps

When it comes to LED lighting for electrical panels, two features immediately come to mind, i.e. maintenance savings and energy efficiency. This is because only a very small part of the energy absorbed is dissipated in the form of heat in an LED lighting system. This is important because it helps to reduce consumption, but also because it does not have a thermal impact on the conditions inside the electrical panel. LEDs are efficient because they work at low voltage and keep cool even after many hours of operation, unlike conventional and fluorescent lamps. Furthermore, lighting is instantaneous and the maximum brightness level is reached as soon as the power is turned on. This is the ideal condition to be able to operate it with optimal lighting conditions right away when opening an electrical panel.

LED lighting and safety

Correct lighting is a crucial safety factor when working inside an electrical panel for component maintenance or for installing new control systems. The Fandis LED lighting systems achieve optimum conditions - inside the control enclosure, underneath or behind it - as a result of the possibility of adjusting the lamp body, which can be tilted up to 40° per side. This feature allows the beam to be directed into precise work areas, making it easier for the operator during inspection and maintenance. Furthermore, the LEDs in Fandis lamps are not harmful because their brightness level complies with photobiological safety criteria.

LED lamps: versatility, fixing, switches

Additional information

Some of the advantages and peculiarities that the LED lamps offered by Fandis for lighting inside electrical panels and enclosures are particularly noteworthy.

Adjustable LED light beam

Some models of LED lamps in the Fandis catalogue offer the possibility of orienting the light beam, with a maximum range of 40° per side, to better direct the light where necessary, inside the electrical panel.

Fixing versatility

Some of the LED lamp models in the Fandis catalogue have different and variable fixing systems, ranging from standard fixing - by means of screws, to the guides inside the electrical panel - to the magnetic support, which allows the LED lamps to adhere to any metal surface.

LED lamp lighting system

The Fandis LED lamps have a variety of lighting systems including the classic ON/OFF switch, which allows you to manually switch the lamp on, or a motion-sensor-controlled system (PIR, which stands for Passive Infra Red), which ensures that the LED lamp turns on automatically, only when needed.

Quick connection and customisation

Quick-connect, Wieland or cage clamps make it possible to create lighting systems with the multiple connection of LED lamps (up to a maximum of 10 units). Custom, adhesive or embossed labelling can be requested.


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New roof exhaust unit TP series in CC
Roof ventilation system

New roof exhaust unit TP series in CC

Fandis has developed a new energy-saving roof ventilation solution, expanding the range of plastic towers with 24 and 48V DC powered models. Visit the dedicated section for more information