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Fandis: solidity, experience, reliability

Fandis is a recognized brand internationally for the knowledge acquired in the technical and commercial fields, and for the experience gained in the reference markets (components for thermal management, mosquito nets, roller blinds and accessories). Strong of an efficient production and logistics organization, and other founding values, Fandis has the ability to assist each customer with punctuality, flexibility, and customization of processes and products.


Fandis is an industrial and distribution company, for which service and customer care is a way of life. Our core business is the thermal management of electrical panels, specifically the production and distribution of devices, sensors and technologies for detecting and controlling temperature and ambient conditions inside electrical panels and cabinets. Fandis also offers ventilation solutions for the refrigeration, heating and electronics sectors.

Our distinguishing feature is the ability to offer solutions with a high technological value, both in the production of large-scale components and in the support and design stages, where customisation and our proactively flexible attitude make us stand out from our competitors on an increasingly demanding and selective market.

Code of Ethics

These are the guiding values of Fandis in business and in relations with companies and people both outside and inside the company. Our code of ethics, shared with everyone.


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New roof exhaust unit TP series in CC
Roof ventilation system

New roof exhaust unit TP series in CC

Fandis has developed a new energy-saving roof ventilation solution, expanding the range of plastic towers with 24 and 48V DC powered models. Visit the dedicated section for more information