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Electronic and mechanical regulator

Industrial Internet of Things, Thermostats, Hygrostats


They regulate the temperature inside the electrical enclosures and, depending on the model, they can also signal devices, filter fans, heaters, to respond to specific environmental conditions.

Twin thermostats

The twin thermostats integrate two devices which can be activated independently in a single compact unit, to control two devices (heating, cooling, signalling) at the same time.


Hygrostats operate the heaters to maintain the relative humidity (RH) level above the dew point, thus preventing condensation on electrical components.

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Sensis: thermal management and IIoT

We have created a new way to monitor electrical panels. It uses the network and it is the preferred system for companies ready to enter the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Sensis can monitor and regulate the air-conditioning of electrical panels by centralising information, generating big data and propelling thermal management into the future. Temperature control, humidity control, predictive maintenance and diagnostics all pass through Sensis. And generate useful, valuable, easily interpretable and conveniently available data to optimise resources and operations.


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New roof exhaust unit TP series in CC
Roof ventilation system

New roof exhaust unit TP series in CC

Fandis has developed a new energy-saving roof ventilation solution, expanding the range of plastic towers with 24 and 48V DC powered models. Visit the dedicated section for more information